Startup Turkey is the demo day of the selected tech startups, which gathers executives, investors and chosen startups from Europe, Asia and MENA.

This event is made of networking. Every person you meet can give you inspiring ideas, valuable advices and opportunities for collaboration. You can find your investor, your mentor or the right startup to join or invest in. The only thing you need is energy and passion for entrepreneurship.

Until now, startups fundraised of millions through the connections they have made in Startup Turkey Conference. Now it turned out to be a leading demo day where startups join from 35+ countries to meet world class mentors, investors and biggest global companies.

Startup Turkey and Startup Istanbul events are organized by Etohum.

Who We Are?

Etohum is the leading startup accelerator and seed investor in Turkey. Every year, Etohum is selecting the most promising startups from thousands of applicants. These teams are trained and mentored for an acceleration period of 3 months. Etohum works with world class mentors, including advisors from Silicon Valley, the heart of entrepreneurship.

Etohum organizes the biggest and most impactful entrepreneurship dedicated events in Turkey. Startup Istanbul and Startup Turkey are the two of them.

Every year in February, Startup Turkey meets thousands of people in Antalya for 3 days of networking, challenges, great foods and fun.

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